To appreciate the challenge of revealing visions of communication for tomorrow’s leaders, it is helpful to think about all aspects of communication and its role in the education of students who have a keen interest in the field. The founder, Stephanie Ricks, had an interest in the field of Communication while in high school. There was not a program like the C.O.M.E. to The Arts program in place within her high school that she could participate in to develop her interest.

Nowadays, it is very important for students to get a head start on developing the right skills that are needed to work in the field that they are passionate about.

This is where C.O.M.E. to The Arts steps in…

We want to bring the C.O.M.E. to The Arts program to students in middle and high school, who are attending public schools that do not offer programs that focus on all aspects in the field of Communication. We provide our services conducting training and workshop sessions, and hosting after-school programs and summer camps, as well as by going to middle and high schools to teach students public relations, corporate communications, online journalism, marketing, social media marketing, public awareness campaigns, press/media kits, press releases, public speaking, media production, producing, scriptwriting, creative writing, directing, filming, editing and much more.

We are a Georgia 501(c)3 govern by a Board of Directors. All donations are tax deductible.