“Creative. Focus. Passionate”

While battling Lupus, having two major surgeries, one being a total hip replacement, being a single mom, and having a successful, 10-year, high-caliber career in higher education, Dr. Stephanie continues to persevere. Her career path in higher education and leadership started in Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid Office, Office of the Registrar and now Professorship. This has given her the opportunity to help thousands of students at the professional, graduate and undergraduate level in determining majors, ensuring academic requirements are met, promoting achievement of academic goals, and teaching communication. This has also given her specialized knowledge in developing programs, creating policy and procedures, conducting professional development conferences, consulting executives with communication skills, and executing organizational strategic plans.


Being the author of two books, she is a Lecturer of Speech at a 4-year college in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University with a Doctor of Education degree in Leadership and Professional Practice. She also holds a Master of Arts in Communication Arts with a concentration in Corporate Communication from Austin Peay State University and a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication and Theater with a concentration in Radio, Television and Film from Tennessee State University (Big Blue Country).


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Delton Center Communications, which is named after her son, she is able to inspire leaders to persevere to create their own communication style to lead an establishment. At DCC, Dr. Stephanie transforms the mindset of leaders to break down closed doors. Not only does she inspire leaders, she encourages minority youth, who have an enthusiastic interest in the field of Communication Arts and Media, through a non-profit organization called C.O.M.E. to The Arts (Communication. Online Journalism. Media and Entertainment Management), where she is the Founder, President, and Executive Director.

Her career path continues as she is the co-founder of Next Level Consulting. This consulting firm is designed to educate, motivate, and inspire women to blaze their own path to what they defined as success through conferences, workshops and training sessions. Additionally, she is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


Education is extremely important to Dr. Stephanie because she was an average student in high school making a 14 on the ACT. Even when she became an undergraduate student, she had to enroll in remedial and developmental courses before she could take regular college classes. She strongly believes that through perseverance anyone can achieve anything. She would not have imagined being the founder of a communication center as speaking in public and communicating one-on-one were her biggest fears. But, through prayer, fasting, and meditation, she overcame her fears and God placed her in a position to coach, consult, train and teach leaders and students to do the same.


Though she has plenty to keep her focus, her core focus is her darling son, Delton, who she loves dearly. He is her sun, stars, moon, and world. Everything she does is for him.