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  • 2 Live group calls
  • 1 60 minute one-on-one Coaching Session
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SNATCH Message – Systematic Networking Action-Plan that Communicates High-Profile Messages.  This is a communication approach to snatch the mindset of your target market to believe in your services, products, and/or brand.  The formula teaches leaders and professionals to communicate their results and not their processes.  As you communicate your results, with the seven principles of SNATCH Methodology, it will leave your followers wanting more of what you can offer.  Enroll today and gain clientele.

Transformational Presentations – Leaders usually speak in large groups, as well as small groups.  Professional excellence depends heavily on the leaders’ communication excellence.  It is vital that leaders understand the components of a business presentation and how to design it for meetings, workshops, trainings, and conferences.  Dr. Stephanie will discuss different components and have a productive meeting.


Storytelling – Content elevation and connecting with your audience – There are many times leaders are given the task of telling our story.  It is more to just telling and story.  Leaders must show their story.  The audience must be able to feel, touch and even taste the story.  We at Delton Center will assist you in bringing your story alive and making your audience connect with you greater.


The gift of gab! Public Speaking at its best – We communicate with others every day.  Therefore, communication touches every part of our lives.  For many people, two-way communication and speaking in public is scary, to say the least.  At times, it is difficult for leaders to authentically speak in any occasion.  Leaders should want to inspire, empower, and speak with wisdom when they open their mouths. Dr. Stephanie will share strategies on the communication process.  Some strategies she will discuss are listening skills, appearance, communication and diversity (Who are you?), communication and technology, developing your speech, narrowing your topic, determining a purpose for your speech, organizing and outlining your speech, rehearsing your speech, speaking with confidence, non-verbal skills, knowing and adjusting to your audience, speaking on special occasions, speaking to inform, speaking to persuade, and speaking to entertain.


Aligning your vision with effective communication – A vision provides a bridge from the present to the future.  It is a picture of the leader’s preferred future which is strategically planned.  It is the main tool that communicates the culture of the establishment. It is up to the leader to effectively communicate their vision so everyone who is in engaged with the vision can effectively articulate it.  This picture will take leaders, their company and/or their brand to its final destination of triumph.


Applicable employer and employee communication –  Many times in the workplace employers and employees do not have effective communication.  In order to get task completed, communicating in a respectful manner is essential.  Delton Center will guide employers and employees every step of the way by providing key skills to incorporate effective communication within the workplace.


Intrapersonal Communication: We should stop getting out of our feelings!  Get into our feelings and communicate – We often hear others say, “Get out of your feelings.”  But, is it so bad to be in your feelings?  Intrapersonal communication allows us to understand ourselves.  This self-talk impacts the way leaders communicate with themselves about their abilities. Intrapersonal communication is necessary for leaders because it allows a higher level of self-esteem, helps leaders gain competence in their field of work, and control emotions before making decisions.  Stephanie will share different ways for leaders to get in-tune with their feelings.