Any of our communication courses apply

Four 8-hour one-on-one sessions

$5,000 Value for ONLY $2,500 (VIP:  One-on-One)

One-on-one sessions are offered on Saturdays


The Sheverance Methodology executive coaching program is designed for entrepreneurs who are currently leading or wants to lead an establishment.  This program will guide leaders on thriving vigorously in their excellence.


You do not want to miss out on!  Take advantage of this opportunity and learn how to leverage your table of contents!

Sheverance Methodology executive coaching program provides:

Session 1:  Establishing your intention in life

Session 2:  Acknowledging your difficulties, obstacles and discouragements

Session 3:  Pressing through the “No”

Session 4:  Understanding leadership vs. management

Session 5:  Learning effective verbal and non-verbal communication

Session 6:  Forecasting your establishment (Business Plan and SWOT)

Session 7:  What’s in your table of content?  (Branding)

Session 8:  Strategic Visibility

Session 9:  Building a team vs. a group (Small group, interpersonal and intercultural  communication)

Session 10:  Understanding business law

Session 11:  Understanding corporate communication

Session 12:  Understanding organizational communication

Session 13:  Establishing a budget and understanding accounting

Session 14:  Establishing an economic system

Session 15:  Creating a marketing plan

Session 16:  Understanding your customer

Session 17:  Setting up a website THE RIGHT WAY

Session 18:  Social Media take over THE RIGHT WAY

Session 19:  Bringing it all together

$7,000 Value for ONLY $3,500 (VIP:  One-on-One)

Online Meetings

Face-to-face if client is in the Atlanta area


Delton Center professionals do not rush through any of the sessions; however, after three weeks on a session we will move on to the next session.