The certificate in Corporate Communication gives students the opportunity to investigate different communication methods and customs both internally and externally.  We live in a fast-pace culture and maintaining a positive corporate/business brand is vital.  Courses offered under this certificate will give students effective and practical communication methods to design a creative communication style when communicating with stakeholders within their organizations both corporate and non-profit.


Students will gain understanding in the alignment of engaging in conversations with new technology, brand development, crisis communication, business and press release writing, social media content development and much more.  Core courses and four electives are required. 



COMM 517 – Corporate Communication (3)

This course teaches different areas of corporate communication within all establishments. Those areas being motivation, persuasion and informing with stakeholders both internally    and externally.  Students will look into public affairs, community engagement, investor  and governmental relations.


COMM 518 – Social Media Marketing (3)

This courses teaches personal and professional branding, best practices, current trends, how to create and produce social media content writing, how to design a marketing plan and implement it with social media for campaigning, how to design a social media schedule, history and tactics of the social media world.


COMM 519Public Relations (3)

This course gives the techniques in public relations to influence public opinion and maintain an establishment’s reputation.


COMM 520 – Strategic Communications Planning (3)

This course give tools required for creating an effective communication plan whether it is developing a program or systems, budgeting, creating a team or group, and/or building awareness, students will learn how to identify and analyze key publics and shape permanent support for a company.  Students will also learn how to develop measurable objects, evaluate mechanism that may need to be adjust for a more effective strategic communication plan. The plan should align with a company’s mission and vision


CAP 600 – Capstone Project (1)

  Capstone projects will complete an environmental scan and solve a real problem for a  company of choice.  Communication principles taught in the certificate programs must be applied within the environment scan.  A final presentation is required. All students must gain approval for their Capstone Project within the first 3 weeks of matriculation.  After approval, students must submit their progress to the instructors every three weeks.




Students may choose courses from any other certificate program or from the courses  listed below.


COMM 550 – Communication Research (3)

This course is designed to help students understand and become brilliant in research as it relates to communication.  Students will become knowledgeable in concepts, themes,    roles and strategies of communication research.  Research in this course includes both quantitative and qualitative research and can be steered in both academic and professional settings.


 COMM 531 – Small Group Communication (3)

This course is designed for leaders to become knowledgeable of different techniques to  lead a team successfully.  Both interpersonal and intercultural perspectives will be  included in this course.  This course is also focus on leadership skills and communication strategies vital to creating and maintain a group.


COMM 532 – Integrated Marketing Communication (3)

This course focuses on the theory and practice of integrated marketing communication and specify different expansions in the field.  Students will understand the differences, similarities and relational interest between public relations and marketing, key concepts of advertising and promotion, the effects of public opinion and crisis management.


COMM 533 – Crisis Communication (3)

This course examines the methods involved in crisis planning, communication and   management in both professional and academic settings.  Crisis happens each day in      companies and intelligently planning and effectively communicating to both internal and external stakeholders are critical.  Students will learn how to prepare for crisis such as  sexual harassment, professional ethics within an organization, discrimination, manipulations, etc. to help a company keep minimize the damage of its reputation,    influence the public to understand the company’s viewpoints, and design a risk communication plan.


 COMM 500 – Public Speaking (3)

This course is designed to help students prepare and delivery a power speech for a pubic  setting.  Students will concentrate on proper techniques on how to conduct research for a   informative, persuasive, and special occasion speech.  Students will also learn how nonverbal skills play a huge role in public speaking.

From Summer to Semester One                   

COMM 517 – Corporate Communication (3)

CAP 600 – Capstone (1)


From Fall to Semester Two                                         

COMM 518 – Social Media Marketing (3)

COMM 519 – Public Relations (3)

CAP 600 – Capstone – Continued


From Spring to Semester Three                                      

COMM 520 – Strategic Communications Planning (3)

Elective (3)

CAP 600 – Capstone – Continued