Admissions and Enrollment

All certificate programs are 16 credit hours.

During the first semester, students will take 4 credit hours. Those classes will be a 3 credit course and a 1 credit course (Capstone). All students are required to take Capstone and register for it each semester. During the second semester, the student will take 6 credit hours (two 3 credit courses) and continue with Capstone, as well as during the third semester the student will take 6 credit hours (two 3 credit courses) and continue with Capstone. At the end of the program, each student will present their Capstone project to instructors and class online. Although students have to register for Capstone each semester, they will only receive 1 credit for the course.

All capstone projects will complete an environmental scan and solve a real problem for a company of choice. Communication principles taught in the certificate programs must be applied within the environment scan. A final presentation is required. All students must gain approval for their Capstone Project within the first 3 weeks of matriculation. After approval, students must submit their progress to the instructors every three weeks.

INSTRUCTIONS: Type or print in ink. To avoid delay in processing your application, answer each question completely. This application must be submitted with a resume and a non-refundable application fee of $25.

After completing the application, submit it using the form below.